Each branch is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who give freely of their time and energies to keep Conway chums in contact and the name of Conway alive.

Wherever you are in the world you are encouraged to contact your local branch and join the local group. Contact can be made through the individual listed below. .

If your Branch isn't listed, take up your pen (or keyboard) and contact us to ensure that you are included in the next update of this website. Please provide details of the Branch Secretary's address, ideally an email address and a phone number that the Secretary is prepared to have broadcast on the website, and a note of planned activities and social events.


    New South Wales:   Vacant   Email:  tbd   Phone: tbd

    Queensland (CWP):   C Langford   Email: [email protected]   Phone:  61755378298

    South Australia:   Contact: J.Scrivens   Email:  [email protected]   Phone: 61882783430

    South Australia:   Hon Sec:  D. Kemp   Email:    not on email     Phone:   61882944719

    Victoria (CWP):   J.Turnbull   Email:  [email protected]   Phone:  61352815068

    Western Australia (CWP):   I.Jones   Email:  [email protected]   Phone:  61893358115


    Central Canada:   Hon Sec.: C. Harvey   Email: [email protected]   Phone:  1 416 694 601

    Vancouver:   I.Hopkinson   Email:  [email protected]    Phone:  16049244903

    Vancouver Island (CWP):   President: J Palliser   Email:   [email protected]      Phone:  1 2504777892

    Vancouver Island (CWP):   Hon Sec.: D.Chudley (OW)   Email:   [email protected]     Phone:  1 250752 1963


    East Midlands:   T.Mason   Email:   [email protected]   Phone:  441623462478

    North East (CWP):   Hon Secretary: Rodney Burges OP   Email:  [email protected]   Phone: 441325 374835

    North East (CWP):   Events & Treasurer: George Brown OC   Email:  [email protected]               

                                          Phone: 441287623213

    North West:   H.Lockwood   Email:  [email protected]   Phone:  441516255727

    North West:   Lunches: Geoff Cowap   Email:  [email protected]   Phone: 441257462113

    South East:   M.Burrow   Email:  [email protected]   Phone:  442082935999

    Solent:   C.Nelson   Email:   see www.hmsconwaysolent.co.uk   Phone:  442380293270

    South West:   A. Mitchell    Email:  [email protected]   Phone:  441822841086


    Contact: N.Smith   Email:    [email protected]   Phone:  441436675696

    Hon Sec: M.Cornish   Email:    not on email     Phone:  441436676293

The Conway Club has branches throughout the world established for the furtherance of social contact. They operate as independent organisations and there is no structural, legal or financial linkage between individual branches and the Conway Club e.g. the Conway Club Officers and Committee have no organisational control over branches. Some are "joint" branches with members from Conway, Worcester, Pangbourne (CWP) and General Botha.