The Original “The Cadet” - 1898 to 1974

From 1898 to 1974 Conway produced a magazine called The Cadet. It was generally produced at the end of each term but less frequently during the two world wars. The cover of the first edition is on the right.

As well as a detailed record of the term’s events it provided extensive information describing the travels and vessels of old boys, visits to the Ship by old boys  and correspondence from them. Old boys subscribed to the magazine but it was produced by the Ship primarily for cadets.

When the Club was formed - largely as a result of initiatives in The Cadet - it was decided to continue using The Cadet for news about Old Conways and to publicise and document Club dinners and activities.

The Club Newsletter - 1974 to 2009

When Conway paid off in 1974 the Club was left with no simple means of mass communication with its members. That untenable state of affairs was soon remedied by the introduction of the Club’s own Newsletter. Obviously at this point the Club had to assume full production responsibility and pay all costs so it was a modest affair on stock paper with the occasional image, although it grew in size over the years. Its publication was much anticipated and eagerly read by OCs. It continued in this format until 2009.

The Cadet” Relaunched - 2009 to date

In 2009 the committee decided the time was right to improve production standards and to increase the number of pages. The newsletter was rebranded as The Cadet and it’s cover echoes the format of final issues of the original magazine. It is published twice a year in Spring and Summer. It is full of information on social events, news on the activities of Old Conways around the world and graphic reports from the personal history of Old Conways. While the changes inevitably drove up production costs the new format has been well received and widely acclaimed. The cover a recent issue is on the right. online copies are in the Members’ Only pages click here

The Editor welcomes contributions from so if you have anything you’d like to share, letters, reminiscences, news, photos etc., are all welcome. Closing dates for copy are:

    Spring - 28th February
    Summer - 27th July

but contributions received after those dates will be included if possible.

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